Cedar Park Middle School8

Portland, OR | Washington County

July 19, 2014

My child attended this school for one year and had such an awful experience we had to switch schools. Academic rigor is non-existent (they were still drilling multiplication tables because the kids were struggling with the basics, my kid was so bored academically that she requested we get her a math tutor so she could feel challenged); discipline was lacking (teachers were constantly shouting at kids to settle down); counselor didn't have time for kids who were struggling socially because she was too busy dealing with the more serious discipline issues (fights; substance abuse). It would seem harsh to blame the teachers/staff for much of this, my daughter liked her teachers and felt sorry for them. She believes the particular student population and parents are most accountable. There are better choices in the district, but you must be within the specific school boundary and don't expect an easy transfer because the district makes it practically impossible! Just keep that in mind if you're considering moving to the area.

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January 3, 2012

My daughters went to this school for a year and 1/2 - 6th grade through 1/2 of 7th. We have two special needs daughters. We were very happy with many of the teachers and the principal Mrs. Hall - was wonderful!!!! They now have a new principal.. Bullying seems to be a problem at all schools and they do try to get to the bottom of it. With so many children in each class this is a struggle. If you have a child with special needs they are trying their best to help them. They do as good a job as they can within the government restrictions - know your rights and ask for all you can to help your child. The money is not there to be offering. more. Social issues are a problem for children with these difficulties because nothing is offered to help the special needs children. They have some amazing teachers in special ed and all other classes that work very hard. The IB program is a wonderful program. Drama, Art and Chorus is wonderful and the shows they put on show they have some really talented teachers and children. All schools have their issues and we are not familiar with the new principal, but they are trying their best to make this a wonderful school.

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September 23, 2009

The Principal, Vice Principals and teachers are ALL terrific, inovative and take extreme care that every child will succeed.

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