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Oregon City, OR | Clackamas County


March 30, 2015

I love our school. We have had some changes over the past several years and in my opinion, it has greatly improved our school. We have had great teachers who have made an impact on all of our lives. They have been so wonderful that we still keep in touch. The office staff is friendly, but professional. I know that the safety of my children is their #1 concern. Our children are in great hands. The principal is great and has the children's best interests in mind when making decisions for our school. She has always been available to answer my questions and concerns. I love our school!!

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December 18, 2014

I used to love this school! I volunteered all the time until there was a principal change. Then everything was changed. My kids went from loving school and wanting to be there to not wanting to go at all! And me not being a volunteer because I was too much help..? Poor teachers kept asking me back.. it became a military school. Recesses are regulated to where the kids have to pick a "station"and stick to it, they can't just run out their energy which causes behavior problems in class. Apparently the food has gotten "cheaper" than it was 2 years ago.. I didn't think that was possible since I myself had tried a couple of meals before. I have very strongly considered relocating to another school but the teachers and staff that I know are amazing and care about the kids. 5 stars for most of the staff. 1 star for the unnecessary changes made with the new overbearing principal.

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September 23, 2014

After ten years of involvement at Redland, which have been very good overall. The last two years we've seen decline. We are considering other educational options.

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February 2, 2014

I don't find the school satisfactory - the staff is mildly friendly at best and our experience with teachers are tolerable at best. With the boundary change we were moved in to a school very far away and with little to offer. Funding may be low but the teachers could take a better attitude about it. They seem cold and authoritarian towards the children and I don't see a nurture or inspiration to learn beyond the minimum testing limits they shove down the kids throats in a hurried and stressful fashion.

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September 20, 2013

I attended Redland Elementary from 3rd-6th grade and had a wonderful experience. Now, as a 29 year old dad of two boys, I will do whatever it takes to ensure they attend this school.

January 17, 2011

Both of children attended Redland Elementary and loved it. It is in a great location. The staff is very friendly and made a point to learn each childs name. I work full time so was not able to be a "parent helper" but was always amazed at how many parents were able to help out. The Redland students entering Ogden Middle School excelled above all of the other elementary schools entering the school.

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February 3, 2010

they need crossing gards and nicer staff who cares for the kids.

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April 12, 2008

Redland has been a positive experience for our children. The majority of students seem to be respectful. Staff is genuinely supportive of the students, and the updates to the facility and technology is an obvious priority. You will not regret sending your child here.

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April 4, 2006

Wonderful school!! I've been very please with the teachers and the staff at Redland School. My child loves it.

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March 16, 2004

Awesome school! We have been associated with Redland since the early 70's and have had nothing but success in all the students coming out of there. Great parent involvement in a dynamic country setting.

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