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Oregon City, OR | Clackamas County

May 22, 2012

Other parents told me I would love this school, and they were right. The Principal and Staff are fabulous. They care so much about the kids. My student actually got into an issue with another child that resulted in suspension, but the school still rallied around both kids and helped them come back to school more successful in dealing with personal issues. They have some great after school programs. The coaches are very personable and admired. The teachers are very friendly and engaging of the students from what we have witnessed thus far. The parent group actively communicates with the parents. Overall we've been very happy with our experience this last year.

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May 5, 2009

It's an awesome scool i love going there!!!

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February 15, 2009

I am so happy I went to Ogden. I dont think I would have had such great experiences anywhere else!

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May 4, 2008

My son attended Ogden for 2 years and my daughter will be attending Fall 2008. I have been impressed with the staff and teachers at this school. The teachers are energetic and make learning fun. My son needed a higher level math and we worked with the counseling staff and he was able to attend a math class up at the high school. Overall I have been very pleased with this school

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October 20, 2007

I just started going to Ogden Middle School and i love it! The teachers are great and help you do your best. They offer lots of electives and after school activites and/or extracurricular activities like: archery, Drama, Band, Advanced Band, Volleyball, Dance, cooking, baking, woodshop, choir, foregin languages, tutoring and lots more. We have a great principal- Mr. Olson, and a wonderful Stdent Council group. There is so much you can be a part of at this school. I would highly suggest this school to anyone.

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September 18, 2006

I just started Ogden middle school, and i didnt think i would like it very musch, but i do. All of the teachers are very nice, and there are many electives like band, jazz band, choir, peer mentoring, cooking, spanish,dance team, vollyball, basketball, and many, Many more. Ogden is a great school, and all of the teachers push you to your fullest potential.

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January 26, 2005

I have been at Ogden for both years and i think it is a great school. My sister goes to Gardiner, and I think that Ogden is better. I like all of the teachers (except one) I was an Osprey and an Eagle. The academic program i think is a perfect one for that grade level. It was a little challenging, but that was how I learned stuff. I still have many, many great memories about Ogden. The only thing that i didn't like is that the school didn't offer an orchestra class, i would have joined it, but there was none. All in all, it was a great school!

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October 11, 2004

... ok I'm going there now but the teachers are good. and I think ive learned alot but it would be nice to have higher math corses then algerbra, thats to easy and maybe a writing activity thing 'cause I want to write a story and share it with other kids. but other then that and the popular kids its a GREAT school and I do not want to change it except that now we only get 1 elective when last year we got 3.

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May 17, 2004

I'm not a parent, but I did attend Ogden for two years (2001-2003). Ogden has all the necessary components for a good school: dedicated staff, academic goals, and secure grounds. However, I feel that there are several things lacking. For instance, there are very few activities available for students, besides the normal ones found at every middle school in the country. Many of these activities, with the exception of some tutoring and other academic programs, suffer from lack of interest and commitment from students. As a student there, I often believed the typical stereotype of middle school cliques and behavior was accurately portrayed at the campus. I still believe this to be true. However, one that is not well-adjusted for middle school may simply be better suited for a more mature environment, which is never found within a middle school. Ogden isn't a bad school. But there is definitely room for improvement. '03-04 Freshman, OCHS

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